Brief Profile of Company

Our business operation can broadly categorized in two verticals viz. sports management & training and trading of sports merchandises.

With regard to sports management & training, we play the role of a link between our end user which generally are corporate, education institutions and sports clubs. We source the trainers for our clients and supply sports accessories and offer them a combine package for a certain period of time.

With regard to our trading operations of sports merchandise, our product portfolio consists of sports apparels, football kits, tennis kits, cricket kits which we purchase from laocal markets of Northern India in bulk and supply to our clientele.

  • Providing coaching in sports such as cricket, tennis, football etc.
  • Organizing events relating to coaching and exhibition of sports goods.
  • Selling and distribution of Sports items such as cricket kit, football kit, badminton kit etc.
  • Trading in CDs/DVDs/Books and Sports journals etc. containing sports and gymnasia manuals.
  • Development and promotion and offering services in the field of sports and related activities including indoor and outdoor sports games.