Brief Profile of Company

Parnav Sports Academy Ltd is formed with the objective of providing physical and mental growth of youngsters and development of their caliber through various sports activities. Academy provides coaching sessions. The aim is to support the development of cricket as well as other sports like Basket ball, Swimming, Badminton and so on as well as other necessities to help, develop and nurture the talents of interested children.

We are engaged in the business of imparting sports training, supply of sports goods such as cricket kits, tennis kits, football kits etc. We also engage ourselves into trading of sports apparels etc. Our major thrust lies in to corporate clients, educational institutions and various sports academies. We have a tie up with various sports trainers who are available to ourselves on call basis and we provide their services to our clients.

Our business process can be summarized as under:-

Our business operation van broadly categorized in two verticals viz. sports management & training and Trading of sports merchandises.

With regard to sports management & training, we play the role of a link between our end user which Generally are corporate, education institutions and sports clubs. We source the trainers for our clients And supply sports accessories and offer them a combine package for a certain period of time.

With regard to our trading operations of sports merchandise, our product portfolio consists of sports Apparels, football kits, tennis kits, cricket kits which we purchase from local markets of Northern India in bulk and supply to our clientele.